Frequency and pattern reconfigurable slot antenna

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Pattern and frequency reconfigurable annular slot antenna

Reconfigurable Notch Band Monopole Slot Antenna for WLAN/IEEE-802.11n ... Frequency reconfigurable antennas are needed in transmitters and receivers of communication modules to switch between multibands [6]. The ... Radiation pattern and beam reconfigurable antennas DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF RECONFIGURABLE PATCH ANTENNAS FOR... For the novel frequency and pattern reconfigurable Yagi-Uda patch antenna detailed in Chapter 4, two slots have been used on driven element to achieve frequency and pattern reconfigurability, and two open-end stubs have been used to adjust working frequency and increase bandwidth. In this design, an ideal model was used to imitate a PIN diode. The Slot Antenna Radiation Pattern - Abstract—Slotted waveguide antenna (SWA) arrays offer clear ..For example, the predetermined distance can be in the range of 0.5 λ to 0.9λ, and preferably about 0.7 λ where λ is the desired operating wavelength of the antenna. Frequency and Pattern Reconfigurable Slot Antenna - IEEE Xplore A Corner Reflector Antenna on Slot Antenna Driven ..

frequency, radiation pattern, polarization, or combinations of the above [1]. ... Radiation pattern reconfigurable antenna is based on the intentional modification of the .... Narrowband Microstrip Slot Antenna,” IEEE Antennas and Wireless ...

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Survey on Different types of reconfigurable Patch Antenna for ... A. Reconfigurable antenna Reconfigurable antenna is an antenna which is capable of reconfiguring its characteristics such as frequency, radiation pattern and polarization to adapt the environment. In recent years the reconfigurable antennas are attaining great attention especially in A frequency reconfigurable dipole antenna with solid-state ... A frequency reconfigurable dipole antenna based on a silicon radiator is presented. The silicon radiator is activated with the aid of highly dense solid-state plasma by injecting carriers into the ... Designing of Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna for Wireless ...

Abstract. The paper presents a frequency reconfigurable will require antennas that can reconfigure their operating slot dipole antenna.

Frequency and Pattern Reconfigurable Slot Antenna - IEEE ... Slot antenna produces a bidirectional radiation pattern, thus a reflector is positioned behind of the antenna to generate a directional radiation pattern. Two switches are placed in the slot to produce three reconfigurable frequency bands: at 1.82 GHz, 1.93 GHz and 2.10 GHz. The introduction of four slits at the edge of the ground plane offers ... Frequency and pattern reconfigurable slot antenna_文库下载